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It's Time

Dec 8, 2006

So what is RaceAthlete.  What do you get by being a member?  What is it all about?

The idea started a long time again ago.  The idea was to see what it would be like for age groupers to "Train Like a Pro."  At the simplest of explanations that is what it is all about. But than the question is -  what about the others that do not get sponsored?  To that I answer with a story.

Several months before Ironman Wisconsin,  I met a young lady named Ironwil.  I did not know much about her.  She had a blog.  She had a podcast.  That's about all I did know. I started to E-Mail her and get to know her over the internet.  Over a few months, we talked more and more and I asked if I could follow her at the race.  Her husband and I followed her every move.  It was an amzing journey.  It was as if I was doing the race.  I felt pain, I felt happy, I felt all the emotions she put out that day.  

A few months later I got to know a guy named Greg.  He had a blog.  He seemed cool.  He seemed to have this triathlon thing worked out.  I had talked more and more to him over time.  A few days before the race I called his cell phone and left him a message.  It was a message of good luck.  I was really wishing I could be at his journey as I was with Ironwil.  At that time I did not have a cool new BMC bike or the sponsorship.  It was just a me.  Just me in my truest form.  It was just me "feeling part" of a journey.  It was just me feeling part of the Ironwil journey.  It was me feeling part of the Greg journey.

So now it is my turn. This year, I get to train.  I get to sweat.  I get to run.  I get finish.  I get to be the one (along with MANY others) that people follow.  I'm so excited.  It's not about the sponsorship as much as it is about the journey.  Last year I followed, dreamed, wished, hoped, and walked next to so many that raced.  This year I feel honored to have you help me out. I already feel it with Wildflower.  I feel it with the excitement of WIBA.  I dream daily about the journey.  I dream about a 5 hour ride followed by a run in the heat.  I dream about a 20 mile run.  I dream about the longest workout day of the year.  I dream about meeting new people.  I dream about "that day."  I dream about the start.  I dream about the finish.  I dream about being on the "other" side this year.  I love to watch people race.  I love to support people.  I love it all.  When all is said and done, what I love the most is to toe the line.   So for the next 9 months, I'm the one training right next to you.  You might be the one that watches the race, but I can promise you this.  Next year, I will not be doing Ironman Wisconsin.  I will not being doing an Ironman.  I will be back where I was last year.  I will be watching and supporting you. I will stand once again by your side. You know why? Loyalty.   I'm loyal becuase I believe in you.  I just hope you believe in me!  

So what do you get?  At its simplest form - you get to be part of a journey.  Come on, let's get going! It's Time.


seventeen and a half years ago

Another great post. I won\'t be able to watch live but I\'ll definitely follow your progress next year. Enjoy the training, I know you will!
Starting to see IMW \'08 on the horizon...maybe we can just rotate years.

seventeen and a half years ago

I am SO excited for you--and ridiculously jealous! :) Can\'t wait for WIBA, and to be there on race day and to meet you at the finish line. I definitely owe you one!

Thanks for all you do for the tri community! You ROCK!

Jared (IronJay)
seventeen and a half years ago

I am looking forward to hearing your journey on your \"wickedly cool\" podcast and website. It not only entertains, it give me motivation in my own Ironman dreams.

Keep doing exactly what you do so well

seventeen and a half years ago

Dude, that was really an inspiration! I want to let you know, I am with you on your journey!

seventeen and a half years ago

MAN you need to be a motivational speaker... this got me SO PSYCHED!