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Join Team RaceAthlete!

Sep 26, 2006

Join Team raceAthlete and Train and Race like a Pro in 2007 

September 26, 2006

You can train and race like a professional in 2007.

Team raceAthlete in conjunction with CycleOps Power, Zipp Speed Weaponry, BMC Bicycles, D3 Multisport, NUUN and 2XU will showcase the improvements that can be achieved through world class equipment and training by sponsoring age-group triathletes.

The chosen triathletes will get state-of-the-art PowerTap SL's by CycleOps Power to help them train and monitor their progress with ultimate power and efficiency.

Swiss based BMC bicycles will provide them with proven bicycle technology-the TTO2 Time Machine which is very similar to the bike ridden at the Tour de France.

Zipp Speed Weaponry will provide world class speed and aerodynamic wheels and components. These are the same wheels ridden by champion Triathletes like Peter Reid.

D3 Multisport will provide comprehensive coaching and training plans for the athletes to help them with expert advice and today's most cutting edge training tools for peak performance.

2XU apparel will provide state of the art training and racing apparel to help propel the athletes to the winner's circle.

NUUN will provide one year's supply of refreshing portable electrolyte hydration.

For complete details, to join the team and to apply to get sponsored Click here.

Please note that if you have already joined Team raceAthlete, or emailed your interest in getting sponsored, you still have to submit a new application by clicking on the link above.

Sponsored triathletes will be chosen by Team raceAthlete and notified by email or phone by October 23, 2006.

We're building a real and virtual team of endurance athletes that will have exclusive access to online coaching, a bike mechanic, product discounts and promotions, and other valuable resources.

Jump in with both feet, the water is warm. We want you on our team in 2007. Click Here to join.

Here's the skinny on the sponsorship opportunities.

This is the first "race like a professional" package will go to somebody registered for IM Wisconsin 2007.

However (the cherry on top) is that we are also seeking other athletes (who don't have to be signed up for IM Wisconsin) to partially sponsors with great products and services from our main sponsors. This means that everybody is eligible.

Also, we'll be selecting another athlete to fully sponsor toward the end of the year. If you fill out the sponsorship form and you are not chosen this time, you'll be in the running for the next "race like a professional" package.

Good luck and thanks for joining us on the exciting new journey.