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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Jun 30, 2006

Show 1: Live from the Tour de France. Listen as Jesse talks about a team ride and gives team introductions. Jesse rocks in his first spots from France. This is amazing how much access you will get on Team Phonak and Floyd Landis. This is awesome. You can also get a "tease video" of the ride Phonak had on Thursday and a also a shot of Floyd. If you have a question E-Mail me and I will see if I can have Jesse answer it!

VIDEO Tease: Phonak Ride

VIDEO Tease II: Floyd Landis

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almost seventeen years ago

Hey it\\\'s great you got an interview with Phonak, but what about the real pro team Disco? Floyd is full of himself, He\\\'s just like the Rol Wheelset. Flashy and can\\\'t perform, I laughed at his TT time. Blamming it on a punctured wheel, go figure!
He\\\'s going to get further and further off the charts you\\\'ll see.

almost seventeen years ago


I wish I could cover all the teams in the tour. It is so hard to get \"inside\" just one team not to mention all the teams. If I talked about Discovery I would be \"just talking to talk.\" For now, I\'m doing the best I can to cover what I can. I will also have video coming soon that will have more teams. As far as Floyd, I\'m trying to cover what I can. I hate to judge someone, and I will not, as I don\'t hang with him on a daily basis. I will say that Jesse and Allen are with him each and every day and that is what I\'m trying to cover. I also try and get (with the awesome help of CycleOPS) the opportunity to get questions to them - and each one has been answered. I\'m not sure that is possible or even done with any other team. This is a unique opportunity that many have loved. As far as going off the charts, time will tell. The mountains are here! I will say that I\'m doing everything possible with absolutly no budget, and no agenda. I\'m just trying to give you all something you can\'t get anywhere else. We have answered questions I get each and everyday from the listeners, and that to me is worth the errort. As for the ROL Wheels, I used them all Spring and loved them. I took 2nd in my first race with them with a 3 min PR. No question. I also think it was totally awesome for ROL Wheels to donate the wheels to someone. We can\'t all ride carbon wheels. This is a great thing for someone to get a great set of wheels to upgrade. Thanks for the comment. -Stu