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Too many shoes?

Jul 19, 2007

My wife says I have too many pairs of shoes? Huh? What?
over twelve years ago


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over twelve years ago

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almost fifteen years ago

Josh - I can\\\'t believe I did not add my bike shoes. Good catch!

almost fifteen years ago

\"Isn\'t it ironic...don\'t you think\" - Alanis Moreset

almost fifteen years ago

Amateur..this was taken in 2005..guess how many shoes I have NOW????? :-D

Iron Pol
almost fifteen years ago

I buy my shoes in groups of two or three. One pair is for racing only. Two are for training. A pair with too many miles become my \\\"daily wear\\\" shoes. The shoes in that category being replaced become \\\"beater\\\" shoes used for yardwork, etc.

Long ago, I learned to leave my wife alone when it comes to shoes. She can explain all of them. And it gets me some leeway when it comes to spending $400-600 a year on running shoes.

almost fifteen years ago

That\\\'s nuthin! My wife\\\'s shoe collection makes Imelda Marcos\\\' pale in comparison.

I\\\'m kind of like you though. I have more \\\"fun\\\" shoes than work shoes. At this point, I think I have two pair of dress/work shoes, and five or six pair of functional training shoes.


almost fifteen years ago

Too many shoes? I don\\\'t get it.

almost fifteen years ago

But what does your Mom think, I\\\'ll bet she has a fair number with all that walking she does!!!
Sounds like your wife is an eminently sensible woman, be thankful she isn\\\'t counting your bikes!

almost fifteen years ago

What... I don\\\'t see any bike shoes in there...?

almost fifteen years ago

Wasn\\\'t Mozart told he had too many notes?


Massage Chair
almost fifteen years ago

But what does her shoe closet look like?