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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

RESULTS: 1st Annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon

Mar 25, 2006


You MUST look at for the Simplystu Worldwide Triathlon] and The Simplystu Frappr page. There is a video on the Frappr page that is soooooo cool.

NOTE: I will NOT change the documents once I post them. I will just add new documents. If you already downloaded document 1, it will not change, just go to document 2.

Ok, these documents are HUGE as I added pictures and stories. You must read all the stories. WOW - Look at all the FIRST TIME TRIATHLETES! Look at all the kids that finished! Ok, and one guy did the entire thing in his hotel. We also have a few battles going on. We even had some shaved legs (on the guys). This is sooooo cool. Enjoy.

[1st Set of Results Document]

[2nd Set of Results Document]

[3rd Set of Results Document]

[4th Set of Results Document. Posted April 4th]

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over sixteen years ago

Hey Stu, can you make this a semi-annual event? I\'ve just gotten into tris and have already exceeded my budget buying all my race gear and entering a couple long races this year. I need to get motivated to do more events like this ... it was Simply Stu-pendous!!!

over sixteen years ago

Stu, what an amazing event! With over 300 finishers from all over the world, I think this may be the first time anything like this has ever happened! And seeing all the parents who got their kids involved over on the Tridscoop site was really inspirational. They\'ll be the next wave of age-groupers kickin our butts in the next few years!

Most of the time, a race is just a race...but by reading all the stories, and hearing what all these people have gone through this weekend, I really think something more than a triathlon happened here....

over sixteen years ago

Stu, I really enjoyed reading and seeing pics from your docs, as well as from Triscoop! You have touched so many people is such a positive way! Who knew that a podcast could be so influential! Kudos for you for all your hard work to organize the event!

over sixteen years ago

Dude, you are on fire! What an amazing thing you have put together!!!!

Simply Stu
over sixteen years ago

The results are starting to come in. This is just the first set. Stories, pics, audio, and video in days tom come. I will update after lunch today again.


over sixteen years ago

Another 2 finishers for you ... can we still order shirts?

Pete C., Rumford, RI (First Tri - all inside) 18:28 1:03 29:54

Lisa G., Portsmouth, RI (First Tri - all inside) 20:26 1:02 26:57


over sixteen years ago

S T O O O O E Y... you rock. Wasn\'t sure I was going to be able to pull off a Tri this weekend, but was able to sneak it in at the gym this morning. Swim: 10:49 / Bike 45.00 / Run:30.01
Wickedly cool thing you got goin\' here.
Thank you very much for all you do!