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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Mar 11, 2006

Kids 'TRI' for FREE. Thanks to Coach Adam (from the NYRR Foundation, Team for Kids Marathon Training Program) for the chance to include kids in the 1st Annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon. All kids will get a FREE T-Shirt as well as Z-Bars from Clif Bar. How cool is that? Come on parents, just get your kids out for at least part of the day, and see them shine with a cool new Stu T-Shirt.

Also welcome the wickedly cool Jessi Stensland back to the show for an encore presentation. Once is just not enough for the incredibly gifted and amazing Triathlete. Listen as Jessi talks about nutrition, the core, and other helpful topics. Jessi also gives a very interesting view on why it's not always about the "Ironman." You can thank Jessi by visiting her web page at I also want to thank Iron Wil from "Get your Geek On"

Remember it is NOT too late to sign up for the Triathlon. Look at previous posts for all the information.

[SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon Document in Word format. E-Mail me if you need other formats]

Coach Adam
over sixteen years ago

This is information for Coach Adam. THANKS so much Adam

Links for:
Team for Kids Marathon Training Program is
New York Road Runners Foundation is
Public E-mail contact for Adam:

Adam\'s Official title is:
Head Coach and Director of Training
NYRR Foundation Team for Kids Marathon Training Program

David Loszewski
over sixteen years ago

You just made my day Stu!!! Another day with Jessi! BOO YEA!