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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Nov 19, 2006

Meet the newest Race Athlete Michelle. She is just a Rock star and in fact listens to Bon Jovi, Nickelback, and the Goo Goo Dolls. How darn cool is that? Sneak Peak of the Belinda Video

This was Stu on the Epic run in the first snow storm of the year. This was so wild. Snow, rain, ice, and even some thunder! Also check out Steve's pic to Stu while in NYC. Also, Jay says HI to Stu while doing some SCUBA. The awesome Bree gives Stu a few YouTube videos. And finally, check out Victoria on her way to a great day for TNT. Thanks for all you do Victoria. All I can say is all SimplyStu listeners just ROCK the WORLD!

almost sixteen years ago

So, Stu. You\'re not dangerous to yourself or others, and I can\'t recommend involuntary commitment to an institution, but you might seek out the help of a trusted friend. Running in the snow, though very stimulating I\'ll grant you, is not \"like running on the beach.\"

I worry about you bruddah.

Steve Stenzel
almost sixteen years ago

Damn....I look FINE!

Keep up the excellent work Stu!

almost sixteen years ago

Michelle definitely has the \"dontcha know\" Minnesota/Wisconsin accent going. Case in point: Listen at about 35:30 in the podcast where she goes, \"I didn\'t know that they worked on Sunday afternOOn.\" Totally. And then immediately following that, \"OOh, come on. I DOOn\'t believe it.\"

I don\'t hear any \"doncha know\" in Stu\'s voice, but sorry, Michelle... ya got it.

almost sixteen years ago

Great podcast!! The run in the snow was awesome.

almost sixteen years ago

total accent. I heard it and thought \\\"FARGO\\\" before you guys even mentioned it. Having lived around the country I have heard a bunch. When I lived in Mississippi i loved how he girls spoke and they always said that I sounded like Tom Browkaw on the news.....???? so I do not hear that either...

almost sixteen years ago


Just saw the preview of Belinda Video....LOVE it..keep up the good work.

almost sixteen years ago

awwwwww! thanks for the shoutouts from you Stu, and Michelle.

given that i\'m not a podcaster, i\'m going to start learning when the \'tape is rolling\'... as you may have noticed, Kahuna was just \'catching up\' with the rest of us, who had started celebrating a leeeetle bit earlier!

oh, and help me here peoples -- Stu and Michelle certainly have NOOOOOOOO accent -- nope, none, nada, nyet -- NOT!

almost sixteen years ago

oh, and stu, can you send me the html from your podcast, Roman is still in Australia with Barb at the ITU Worlds, so i\'m manning the stories at raceAthlete!