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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon II

Nov 27, 2006

Coming on the next show!

1) SimplyStu WorldWide Triathlon II

2) I have a goal to get 365 new people interested in triathlons over the next year. That is JUST one a day! How cool would it be for this show to get 1 newbie interested a day? You can help! Get your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your friend. Help SimplyStu add 365 newbie Triathletes this year!

3) And the winner is..... We will announce the 7th member of the RaceAthele team.

4) Coach Mike from D3 will give you timely training advice.

5) She is BACK! Listen as Desiree Ficker talks about her AWESOME Kona race!

almost sixteen years ago

Is it just me or is anyone else having difficulty reading black lettering on a gray background? (Or maybe this is how your site comes up for me when I am at work! I don\\\'t know! I will check at home later...!)
RaceAthlete is still selecting team members?
If only I would have known....geeze! Oh, I just looked at the date. Do you now have another site or something? I am so confused!

over sixteen years ago

Ditto on the logo...really cool. Any pre-info regarding the tri? Date, perhaps?

over sixteen years ago

Stu -

News of your new podcast inspired a ride today. Loved the \\\"telling Tyler\\\" part (because it was a proud moment for all of at triscoop and hearing your perpetual enthusiasm). Also, you had an amazing conversation with Desiree!!!


over sixteen years ago

love the logo Stu!!!!! I am planning on getting a few bike shops involved here for the cause.