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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Sep 16, 2008

Listen to the interview with the incredible Hillary Biscay.  She is so much fun to interview, and just as fun to watch on race day. Hope you enjoy this interview of the 2008 Ironman Wisconsin Champion!!!!  You can also check out the pictures I took of Ironman Wisconsin race day here.

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Brian (Phoenix)
almost fourteen years ago

Nice interview Stu. She is cool. I\\\'m totally going to switch to Infinit. I know Chris (your Teammate) uses it and loves it, so I think it\\\'s time to give it a try. Do you think Chris would post his mix? Thanks for the GREAT pictures - loved to see your teammates and Hillary as well. Finally, thanks for your preview videos - I\\\'ve watched them over 100 times before the race. Thanks again for the great interview.

The Clyde
almost fourteen years ago

Hey Stu, just wanted to drop by and say \"thanks\" for cheering me on during IMWI this year.

You probably didn\'t know who the hell I was, but I\'m somewhat of lurker to your site and the whole evo tri thing. Been following you for few years now, even came up last year to cheer you all on. You didn\'t know me from Adam but always said \"Thanks\" when I was cheering for you on the course last year.

I was the bigger dude on the hill right out of Verona you cheered and I told you that you were shooting my HR high, haha....(you also cheered me on during the run on the bike path right after the tunnel)

Anyway, thanks for the support and keep up the good work with the podcasts. If you weren\'t a married man, I\'d say you\'re in it just to talk/hang out with the good looking pro females, but I know it\'s really your love of triathlon that fuels your flame, haha.

Chris aka \"The (Iron) Clyde\".

thirteen and a half years ago

Nicely done, Stu...!

almost fourteen years ago

I always thought I was the biggest fan of IM, until I came across you. What a gal she is...Hope to go watch IM Hawaii and IM 70.3 in Clearwater this year...