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Thank you Desiree!

Nov 5, 2006

Ok, I'm not a big fan of autographs. Never have been. I not even a big fan of seeing famous people. To me, these people are just like you and me. I have see many famous people up close. I've been next to a president, been close to a movie set and for the most part it is just another day. With triathletes, however, all rules are off. I'm in awe of triathletes. I would rather meet Peter Reid, Joanna Zeiger, Jamie Cleveland, Heather Haviland, Heather Gollnick, Mel or Andrea Fisher (all of whom I have met face to face). This is strange right? I never really thought about it until a few days ago.

I was sitting at my computer and as I do with all my buddies, I like to send a VM or an E-Mail wishing them well at an upcoming race. I sent an E-Mail to Desiree Ficker wisher her well in Kona. I didn't think much of it, and did not get an E-Mail back from her right away. Once the race was over, I had a few friends that had taken pictures of her (thanks to Casey and Joe). I sent them on to Desiree with another note. Today, I got a note back from her and was just floored that she took the time to do this. You see, I have written Santa Clause many times when I was young and never got a reply. I wrote a few of my football stars and never got a reply. I know that my daughter once wrote Lance and never got a reply. I'm sure that if I wrote Brett Favre or some other stars that I would never get a reply either.

That is not true with triathletes. I have E-Mailed many Pro Triatheles wishing them well or asking questions and to date have received a reply from EVERY SINGLE one of them. Desiree is just amazing and this is what makes the sport of Triathlon so great. This is a sport that just ROCKS! People like Desiree, Peter, Mel, Jamie, Andrea, Heather, and countless others make me just love this sport. Try and E-Mail the guys from the NBA, NFL or NHL and see how many replies you get! So I take my hat off to Desiree. After taking a strong second in Kona, she quickly replied. I hope this sport never changes. Thank you Desiree for being the Rock Star!

almost sixteen years ago

sent a note to Joanna ZIeger congratulating her after her IM CDA win. Also noted I had the same bike setup as she (Griffen w/ Hed 3\\\'s)
Next day got a very nice reply with little more detail on her bike set up.
Very nice & unexpected.

almost sixteen years ago

Agree Stu... I have seen Andrea and Desiree running in Austin on the trails and they are always approachable and seemingly interested in talking to novices and experienced tri-geeks. You don\'t get that from too many other top-notch athletes.

almost sixteen years ago

She must have been going through her in box, because I got a peronalized reply from Desiree today as well. I had written her an almost incoherent e-mail whooping it up on her breakthrough race at Kona and she wrote some very kind words in return. Desiree is \"good people.\"

IM Able
almost sixteen years ago

Although, unlike you, I go ga-ga when stars are around, I was really excited to get a response from Desiree, too! It was a whim of an email I sent her wishing her good luck at a local race we were both participating in and I was really blown away that she took the time to write me back! I hope the sport never changes...