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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

The Penultimate Ironman Wisconsin Thank You

Aug 15, 2007

This is going to be short. No long story. No long detail. This is just a very sincere thank you to all those that have supported me during this journey. My son. My wife. My daughter. My friends. My Team. So many I don't even know. Everyone that had a hand in this journey. I Thank You. I will have a better "thank you" after the Ironman. For now, I just wanted you all to know that I really do appreciate all the help and support you have giving me. I plan to give it my all. There may never be another Ironman for me. Life is so short and I plan to take in every ounce of this race. I have chills thinking about it. I will run this race. I will enjoy my health. I will enjoy life. I will do whatever it takes this year. I will do all that, but I will never take anything for granted!

almost fifteen years ago

Your so looky my dad is mike graczkowski and i never been seen him problem is iam from germany and he comes from wisconsin .-(

almost fifteen years ago

Great perspective Stu, and nicely said note of thanks to your Crew. I\\\'ll be on the course, cheering you on. Here\\\'s to a great Taper and a great race!

almost fifteen years ago

Stu, you\'re going to be awesome out there! Hope to see you at the finish line. Of course, you\'ll be there hours before me!

Brian (TriDrummer)
almost fifteen years ago

Kick some but and have fun out there, I\\\'ll be glued to my computer watching all the Team Race Athletes, and my Tri-Shark club members too. I am sooo psyched... Hopefully I\\\'ll be out there in 2009!

u rock Stu!

Rural Girl
almost fifteen years ago

Well put, my friend. I wish you the best race experience ever.

almost fifteen years ago

Go Stu!!! :) Baby TriSaraTops and I will be cheering for you.