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Tour de Moo Week 1

Jan 12, 2007

Here we are.  Week 1 is over and I'm already well into week #2.  Training has been going very well.  It is so nice to have a plan.  There is, however, something different.  Coach Mike and my PowerTap.  Yep, these two things have changed my training!  The PowerTap has made me work harder at times and easier at others.  The key is it just keeps me working at the right pace.  It is so cool because unlike heart rate, this has instant gratification.  It is the best darn tool since my heart rate monitor!  I have been training, but now I'm training with the best darn coach ever and he makes things seem right.  He has already guided me in so many ways.  I would be off track already, but he keeps me on the right path.  I've put in more hours and feel like I've worked less.  Hmmmmm.  Could it all be from Coach Mike and the PowerTap?  Time will tell! 

Ok, so this is the first installment of Tour de Moo.  This will be your source of information and weekly pictures of the Ironman Wisconsin route.  To be totally honest, this is the second picture. The first was a few weeks back.  (The post about the tree.) Anyway, this picture is on the last hill you will see on the Ironman route.  Check out the paint that is still on the road. (Please do not paint on the roads, use chalk.) Anyway, this is the hill that I stood on for over an hour telling EVERY person that the hills were over.  I said "This is the last hill of the day," or "you are done.  NO more hills," or "You just kicked that last hill - that's it - NO more - You rock."  Anyway, you get the picture.  This hill is underrated and not all that much fun, but the music at the top is well worth the trip!  I have done it all on this hill.  I swore at the hill. I laughed. I once even barfed on this hill!  Anyway, this is it folks.  You make it past this hill and you WILL finish the bike. Just in time to run 26.2.

Tour de Moo will also include my training, so check it out at: Stu's Training Peaks Log!

I want you all to know that these pictures are taken the week of the article, so if you have any requests let me know.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for my teammate "Bold" for the idea on Tour de Moo.  See you next week when I tell you about the upcoming trip to Temecula!

Scott Bowe
over fifteen years ago

I agree that this hill is the most underrated hill on the course. People finish the Verona Loops and expect it to be nice and easy back to madison, but then run into this hill. Personally, I\\\'m curious how many marathons this hill has shattered.