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Why wait? The tree waits!

Dec 23, 2006

The tree is without leaves. The fog is thick. Just look at the picture. It is almost the perfect setting for the perfect and most amazing day of the year. It is December 22nd. Do you realize this is THE day I look forward to all year? I count down the days as this day gives me the biggest energy boost and hope for the rest of the year. Why? Why this day? This happens every year? Yep. No question about it. Let me tell you why.

Look at the tree in the fog. Look at the road. Perfect! Perfect in every respect. This is the start of training for me. The start of Ironman 2007. Look at the road. You can't see very far. Perfect. I have no idea what the future brings. This road is on the Ironman route. In fact, this tree is at mile 8. Only 8 miles into the race. Not sure what the future will bring. Look at the flip side. It is 8 miles from the end of the bike. A marathon to follow. Perfect. Look at the tree. No leaves. Waiting. The tree is a perfect symbol for training. With a little help, this tree will explode with life. It will grow awesome leaves. It will look so healthy. It will be an amazing view. It will watch us as we pass it early in the day, and just before the finish of the bike. It is waiting now. It is waiting patiently on this first day of Winter. It has the same hope for life as I do. Most of life is controlled by light. Sunlight. The shortest days are behind us. Take advantage of this now. I never wait until Jan 1st. In fact, I've never had a "New Years Resolution." I never understood them. Why? Why wait? Why not today? Why not now? The days are getting longer. Now, not Jan 1st.

How lucky was I to have my camera with me? Why did I take a detour to ride on the route? I'm not really sure. I just thought I would celebrate December 22nd and take a picture for you all to see. Little did I know that I would see this tree. Little did I know that I would see the ultimate symbol for Ironman Wisconsin 2007. This tree IS on the route. This tree IS waiting. It will be there for YOU. When you pass this tree in September it will look far different. It might be wet from rain, or hot from the sun. It might be loud from the wind, it might be quite and peaceful. No matter what the day brings, this tree will be the only tree for about 1 mile (at mile 8) on the left side going out and the right side coming back. You might want to let out "thank you" to this tree. Maybe you can train with the tree in mind. Why? Why a tree? Easy. Just think about your training and all the work you will need to do over the next 8 months. See, I told you it was perfect. 8 months out from the race, 8 mile mark. Perfect! Anyway, just like the tree that will be full of life, full of hope, full of beauty. Embrace the growth. Embrace the race. Enjoy the race. The tree is waiting!

Just for the record, I have a few other "days" I'm looking forward to in 2007:

1) A very special day in January that I tell you all about later. This day is hard to talk about at times, joyful at others, scary one day, and amazing the next.

2) My first Team Race Athlete race in May!

3) The day the Orange barrels go out. Oh Yeah! This one never gets old. I posted about this in Sept of 2006.

4) Watching Chris, Roman, Tyler, Tracy, Brett, Michelle and Greg finish IM Wisconsin!

5) Buying "finisher" gear the next day!

Life is short, why wait?

seventeen and a half years ago

I never thought that it would be like this in Wisconsin a few days before christmas! NO SNOW totaly rocks. I love the whole fog thing too. I tkeeps you looking forward to what might lie ahead. You just can\'t stop going forward not knowing what is ahead!
What is the first race for you in May?
I will be there AT IMMOO cheering Race-Athlete on and signing up for the following year. Best of luck to all in training this coming year! Represent!!!!!!

seventeen and a half years ago

love the tree it!!!

seventeen and a half years ago

Great post-I look forward to hearing the rest of the story as it progressess...

seventeen and a half years ago


That\\\\\\\'s a perfect post to bring in the new year.

Stay tuned...