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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Check out these pictures!

Dec 7, 2006

Mal sent me this picture from Iraq! I can't believe that he took the time to take this for me. Check out the SimplyStu WorldWide Triathlon T-Shirt in the picture. He also sent me the picture below with the following E-Mail:

"Finally I get to wear my Simply Stu T shirt in a place for a bizarre picture, taken this morning in Ramadi IRAQ , as you can see the running surface sucks , either three inches of dust or pot holes made by tanks as in the background. Still never one to shir 'c' t a training run , managed a quick three miler in cold temps of the desert and in a war zone."

You can track his blog and read about the cool job Mal has in Iraq at

over sixteen years ago

awesome, Mal! good to know you are getting some trainign in, even there. truly an inspiration for me, all i have to deal with is a little cold air and car traffic :)

stay safe and best regards to our boys over there. I am praying for peace

over sixteen years ago

Guys , thanks for the best wishes and kind words , did not run today as I was almost run over by a tank yesterday , so went to the Marines Gym here , no lycra , no HACs , no fancy machines , just plates of weight and dust . No that is a gym and by the way Marines can really push metal
Thanks again to all

over fifteen years ago

Hello from Canada. woman
Again! Another great podcast. thanks! seduction