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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Stu needs hydration. This might be the plan for IM.

Jul 23, 2007

Here is what I did this last weekend. FELT GREAT after the ride! A far cry from the weekend before where I had maybe 5 bottles. Argggggg....

7 hours of riding with 13 Bottles of water each containing 1.5 tablets of NUUN and 1.5 scoops of Carbo Pro. With that in mind I got the following per hour:


Sodium (carbonates) 360.0 * 1.5 = 540 per bottle or 1080 per hour

Potassium (bicarbonate) 100.0 * 1.5 = 150 per bottle or 300 per hour

Calcium (carbonate) 12.5 * 1.5 = 18.75 per bottle or 37.5 per hour

Magnesium (sulfate 25.0 * 1.5 = 37.5 per bottle or 75 per hour

Vitamin C 37.5 * 1.5 = 56.25 per bottle or 112.5 per hour

Vitamin B2 500mcg *1.5 = 750 per bottle or 1500 per hour

Carbo Pro

Carbohydrates 28.35 g * 1.5 = 42.525 per bottle or 85.05 per hour

Calories 112 * 1.5 = 168 per bottle or 336 per hour

I also had 2 bananas and a few pretzels as well. What is your plan?

almost fifteen years ago

13 bottles of water in a bike jersey!?!

Does it say \\\"WIDE LOAD\\\" across the back? HA!!

Gavin Nunns
almost fifteen years ago

Be very careful Stu that you do not over compensate. hyponatremia is a very real danger if you are drinking in excess of thirst. Becoming dehydrated may slow you down and make you feel crap, but hyponatremia can kill you!

If you are drinking in excess of 36 oz per hour I would give your coach Mike a call or consult a sports nutritional expert.

Everyone works different and its possible you need this intake of fluids but its better to be safe than sorry!

Safe training.

Gavin Nunns

Gaivn Nunns
almost fifteen years ago

oh and here is my plan, battle tested ;)

16-24oz of Perpetuem per hour @ 200-250 calories
100 calories per hour in the form of gels.
1-5 enduralytes per hour.

This keeps me going for as long as necessary at race pace.

over twelve years ago

Don\'t you know that this is correct time to get the, which will make you dreams real.

almost fifteen years ago

Good Q Iron Pol. I presume Stu can carry the Nune tablets pretty easiy, but I can\'t imagine carrying powdered drink mix on the bike.

The LaceDog
almost fifteen years ago

HEED/Perpetuem mix - 350-400 Calories per bottle
One serving of Hammer Gel every 20 minutes
1-3 Endurolytes per hour (depending on need)
Solid Food: pretzels, bananas and PB&J at the turn.

In 2003, the \\\"sweet\\\" taste of Gatorade and Gu got to me in the heat at IM. I got so nauseous, water made me want to yak. I\\\'ve had great success in training so far with Hammer products...I\\\'m sold.

2 bottles behind the saddle, one on the frame, aero bottle filled and one in my jersey pocket at the start of the bike...should get me to Special needs pick up. Four more bottles and gel mixed and ready to go in the feed zone.

Keeping my fingers crossed...

almost fifteen years ago

I do carry all I need with me. I use plastic bottles and bags to carry all I need. It is not too bad. Fits nice in a bike jersey! :)

almost fifteen years ago

1 bottle of gatorade endurance and two servings of shot blocks (orange or maragarita w/salt) per hour plus whatever additional water I feel like I need.

almost fifteen years ago

On the bike: ~ 450 cals / hour

1 Bottle w/ 2 scoops Heed
1 Serving Hammer Gel every 20 minutes
3 Endurolyte Capsules every hour

After three hours, I start mixing in straight water to help keep the osmotic pressure in the stomach low and try to keep from getting bloated.

On to the run, I switch to straight water with Nuun. Then I grab what I can from the aid station tables. By that point, I\\\'m jonesin\\\' for the orange slices, etc.

almost fifteen years ago

What are you making, ass bomb?

Stolen from Charlie Sheen...but this was the first opp I\\\'ve had to use it.

Iron Pol
almost fifteen years ago

I plan on carrying three bottles of Accelerade on the bike, which I will supplement with water as I can grab it on the go. A Gu gel every 30 minutes after the first 10 minutes on the bike, plus one when I\\\'m about 15 minutes out.

One question, are you just stopping to refill those bottles, or do you have a magic means of getting 13 bottles onto the bike?

almost fifteen years ago

well done dude!

300 calories/hr, 1000mg sodium/hr from a combon of gatorade endurance + carbo pro on the bike, powerbar gels on the run, gatorade/water from aid stations, succeed capsules for nA, and coke from aid stations in last half of mary

almost fifteen years ago

Impressive work!

Makes me glad I only have time to train as a short-course triathlete! For me, a bottle of nuun will cover about 80% of my training sessions. I only start getting concerned when my sessions enter the second hour and beyond.

I had planned on having a gel handy for my sprint yesterday, but didn\\\'t even touch it. Just a bottle of Kona Cola nuun on the bike and I was gooooooooooddd to go!

Once I can get all of this late-night school out of the way, I hope to start going long and see you at IM Wisconsin before we both end up at the old folks home. ;)


almost fifteen years ago

One bottle of NUUN and two e-gels per hour approximates my sodium/calorie needs, then water to taste . . . I hope.