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Team RaceAthlete Jersey!

Dec 9, 2006

38,000 Feet! United flight 609.

Ok, it is only December. WOW. Winter is just starting and I have this dream. YES its a dream. It's a dream I have already lived. Maybe 100 times, maybe more. It's the dream of a warm sunny Wisconsin day where I pack my water bottles and get ready to ride. I pick what triathlon top I will wear. I pick my favorite bike shorts. Come on, you all know that on the special rides you have your favorite jersey, socks, shorts and glasses. I'm getting all excited thinking about it. You get in the car, drive to the starting location. You unpack the bike, get the bottles in place, pull the pump out of the truck. The tires get inflated to the perfect psi (110 for me). I check nutrition. Sun screen is always next. Yep, SPF 50+. Next are the glasses. On they go. Are they clean? Yep. Perfect. On this day, I will finish the bike ride and take a nice 5 mile run on the path. I get the running shoes ready. Set! Perfect! I talk smack with my buddies. This might be the best part of the day. They ask to use my pump. Fine. They ask to use my sunscreen. Fine. I ask if they need anything else from my took kit that I ALWAYS have in my trunk. Every tool you might need. Perfect! I ask if anyone wants to try a new flavor of GU. I have takers. Awesome! Everyone ready? Yep! And so the day starts. The first mile is always social. How are the kids? Wife? School? Work? Isn't life grand! My knees crack in the 1st 10 rotations. I'm ready now. I check my watch. Working. Heart rate? 120. GPS? Yep, we are going 16mph and on main street! Seems right to me. Helmet is on a bit croaked. Adjust a bit. Ahhhhh, much bettter. Legs feel good. 42 miles to go. Bummer. I wish we had 112. Oh well. Easy day. What? Do you remember the day when you got your first road bike and 40 miles seemed like eternity? Ok, back in line. The sky. Blue! Clouds? None! Wind. None. Wow, I'm glad we took off work today. I wonder what is going on at work? Yeah right. Smile. Mile 2. Aero position. Hills. Hey look at the cows. I love cows. I see sweat. Yep.

"This is your captain speaking. Will will be landing in Chicago in about 20 minutes. I wanted to thank you for flying United Airlines today and hope you enjoyed your flight. Current temperature in Chicago is 14 degrees. Winds are out of the North at 15-20mph. I hope you enjoy your stay in Chicago or wherever your travels take you. Flight attendants prepare for landing."

The dream ends but not without a smile. You see, I live in a dream world. I live for the moment I look down and see my new RaceAthlete jersey! I live for this nutty sport they call Triathlon.

If you want a team jersey they will be available around the 15th of January. They are at the printer (full sublimation). How cool is that!!!!!! Tri tops are coming as well. Once I get the final look, I will post that as well. The jerseys are 2XU. Very nice!

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almost thirteen years ago

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over sixteen years ago

Something very weird happened last night. I had a dream that all of the new race gear had appeared at my doorstep. Talk about a Twilight Zone moment.
I can\\\'t wait to order this stuff.
And the jersey looks very cool.

Great job.

IM Able
over sixteen years ago

The jersey design is EXCELLENT!! I can\\\'t wait for January to order myself one and will be proud to wear it on my winter rides. Kudos on a wonderful job!

over sixteen years ago

The jersey is Awesome! Looking forward to getting one! Hope hats and t\'s to follow also!

over sixteen years ago

Sah-weet jersey! I\\\'ll place an order for a medium.

Stay tuned...